Unity 2021.2 beta - the effector overlay is missing


I'm using animation rigging + the Unity 2021.2 for a cinematic project. For the most part things are working great, however since updating the project the effector overlay never shows up (and I can't manually bring it up either). As a result, effectors I created before updating are visible in the scene view, but I can't create new ones, nor can I change the shape, colour of offset of existing ones. The actual rigging still works as expected, and I can work around it by adding icons to the effector game objects so they are selectable in the scene view, but the functionality is still missing.

Any ideas on how to bring that overlay back? Or what the source of the issue could be?

(I'm using v1.1.0 of the animation rigging framework, and running on unity 2021.2.0b3.3078.7 on windows)

Hi, this is a known issue, and we're issuing a fix to address this in an upcoming package version. Here is the issue tracker to follow up on the progress:


Fyi, the animation rigging scene view overlay will be replaced with the more extensible overlay system highlighted here:

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This is still an issue in 2022.1.17f1. The new overlay system didn't help here either, nor did the fix