Unity 2022.3.2f1 unable to make the camera background transparent

Unity 2022.3.2f1

I am new to Unity and trying to learn by building very basic Unity app, where I have one GameObject and 3D GLB model where Avatar plays the audio with lipsync. I am able to achieve the lipsync and audio play. But wants to make the Unity android app with transparent background and to achieve that

I have done the following steps

  1. Set the Camera ā†’ Clear Flags to Solid Color, background to (0,0,0,0) setting alpha to 0
  2. in the Player Settings made the render over native UI to 1

and build the android app, my app background is still showing black color in background and it is not transparent

Any help would really helped me, already tried all the solutions which I found in the Unity Community site

Many Unity versions are not supported, and I have researched a lot of information. Finally, I used Unity 2019.2.9, which is working

Besides, it can only be the basic pipeline, which seems to be uncertain

I also hope to use the updated untiy version. Iā€™m not sure if the official can solve it.