Unity 2022 Beta Mac 10.14 Minimum Version Change

Any chance of Unity 2022 being made compatible with 10.13?

There are older Mac machines out there being used that are stuck on this version for various reasons (video card). 10.13 supports Metal 2, just wondering what other technical reasons that 10.14 is the minimum now?

I also ask because this minimum version shift (from 10.13->10.14) has happened before in beta but then on release the minimum went back to 10.13 (which would be good!). As this is the first version to officially support DOTS stack it is of particular importance/interest.

Editor is indeed 10.14 min in 2022, but the player should have 10.13 as minimum version

Current manual states 10.14 for Editor/Player/Server
(but 10.13 for 2021)

Guess wait and see until out of beta for final requirements ... just wondering whether this is confirmed/set in stone for technical reasons, as I've seen this pattern before (10.14 in development, then 10.13 for release for both Editor/Player).

I'd trust Alexey on this, as he's the dev that bumped the min system requirements for the editor :). It just seems like an error in documentation change to me.