Unity 2D Colliders not Colliding

I have a ring of fire that I would like to melt ice on the ground. The colliders just don’t seem to register each other. Why won’t the colliders work? (They successfully register the player)

Here’s the scene with the ice patch’s collider

alt text

And here’s the scene with the ring of fire’s collider

alt text

Here are the objects in the Hierarchy

alt text

And here is the Javascript on the ringOfFire

var burnDuration = 6.0;
var damagePerTick = 3.0;

function OnTriggerStay2D( coll : Collider2D) {

	if (coll.gameObject.transform.root.tag == "Player"){
		var args = new Array ();
		args.Push (burnDuration);
		args.Push (damagePerTick);
		coll.transform.root.SendMessage("setFire", args);
	if (coll.gameObject.name == "icePatch(Clone)"){
		Debug.Log("Melted Ice");

Put a Rigidbody2D component on your ringOfFire game object.

I figured it out so I’ll post it here - turns out edge colliders cannot collide with each other. I used polygon colliders instead, and this solved my problem.