Unity 2D, Ignore impact force

Hi, I’m new with unity and i’m trying to make a stupid horizontal scroll game with some bombs on your way.
The player is a robot with a collider and a rigidbody. The bombs have only a collider and a script to move:

Vector2 pos = transform.position;
pos.x += Vector3.left.x * vel;
transform.position = pos;

I’m trying to make a “God Mode”, that when you hit a bomb, the bomb will explode and you can continue to play without die.
My problem is that when i hit the bomb the explosion force send my robot out of the camera ( on the left)
Does anyone have an idea on how i can avoid this?

Thanks in advance

If you want to detect collisions and don’t want to have an effect of collisions, you have to use Trigger.

  1. Check the isTrigger property of the bomb
  2. Use the OnTriggerEnter function to detect collisions in god mode