Unity 2d light at wrong position

Hi guys.
My problem has no code whatsoever associated with it but the thing is, I have a lamp gameobject and a point light at the top which emits light from the lamp.

In Scene View, the point light is at the correct position, bt in my game view it looks like the light is pinned onto a background object… the positioning is wrong and even if I move my player around, the light will still be pinned onto a background mountain and not my lamp…

I am using unity 2021 Ltd…please help

Look in the Camera component and see if you have defined in the drop-down menu of “Projection”: Orthographic. Normally it should work and I think the problem should be solved.@wacasce .

Sorry i left out an important point, I have 2 cameras, 1 which renders the player and all items in the default layer, and the other one which renders background objects like those mountains so that i have a parallax effect. The light is default layered, just like the player and the lamp, but the light shows on the 2nd camera which should only render the default layer


I tried to create the bug with version 2021.2.0f1 in an empty project:

1 main camera

1 camera stack

1 sprite

1 light 2d

and you got the problem. it seems the light is rendering in camera stack but always takes the local position of the main camera. Try in game mode to move the main camera position and you see your light it follow your view.

with the new release 2022.1.0a13 the problem with camera stack and light 2D is fixed also I tried upgrading my project and all works fine (all… I need to test evrythink but the light works :slight_smile: )