Unity 2D physics working differently in unity as per platform


Is it true that physics can work different on dependant on platform ?
I am making 2D game with physics as it works proper in Unity editor but getting physics difference in position of object in android devices. I am using a circle sprite with circle collider 2D and Rigidbody 2d component are attached on it. on collision with other static object its position update is works good in editor but get different in other platform.
Please state any solution

Your issue sounds screen related but there is not enough description here to tell…
The only Physics difference will be unnoticeable (due to slight variations in Floating Point from CPU to CPU) or in the timing due to general low FPS and FixedUpdate frames being culled as a result. Such variation could indicate a problem with the logic of your code. Try lowering Physics Iteration Count and playing with Max FixedTimeStep to improve low fps situations and checking for Frametime-dependent issues.