Unity 2D Sprite not Showing up at Low Pixels Per Unit Setting Under Tight Mesh Type

Hi Everyone,

I’m learning Unity 2D and have a question about the mesh type option of a sprite. I imported a low-pixel sprite. As I would like it to appear bigger on screen, I tried decreasing the Pixel Per Unit setting of the sprite. I found that when the PPU setting is below around 60, the sprite disappears on screen. Then I also found that this problem is solved by changing the Mesh Type setting from Tight to Full Rect.

I looked online and found this statement in Unity Doc of SpriteMeshType.Tight:

“Tight mesh based on pixel alpha values. As many excess pixels are cropped as possible.”

So it seems to me that problem is that somehow at a very low PPU value under tight mesh, all the pixels are cropped. Am I right? And, how exactly does this cropping work? How does unity decide which pixels to crop and so on?

Thank a lot for the posting this I was facing the same issue now it is resolved just because of you,Thank you this was really helpful to me.