Unity 2D sprite size issue

I’m having problems with 2D sprite graphics in Unity. This has been a long time issue for me, but I’m finally trying to tackle it for real.

Why when I drag and drop a sprite into Unity, why does it appear to be half its actual size? My solution was to set “Pixels per Unit” to 50 instead of 100 in order to make them appear to be the correct size, but that feels like the wrong way to do it. Just doubling the size of the sprite from its file also seems really wrong. I eventually came up with the “genius” idea to just cut the size of the camera in half and setting the PPU back to 100, but now I have to go back and cut all of the physics controls in half to prevent the large amount of clipping from happening.

Anyway, is the smaller camera size the correct approach after all or is there something I’m missing? I’m really just trying to get out of having to redo a bunch of stuff if I don’t have to.
Here’s what I have my sprites set to if this helps:

Is this a problem people even have? Please tell me if it doesn’t make sense.

usually you just get the pixel per unit to the size of your sprite, like if it was 32x32 you would set it to 32 pixels per unit, and if its something like 32x64 pretty sure you would put it to 64, this is also true with tiles, by the way, hope this helps.

That’s weird. When I set everything to 50 PPU it doesn’t make everything 50 pixels long/wide, it just makes everything 2 times bigger. That’s the whole issue, though, because these same sprites appeared as their actual size when I was making the game in flash and, by default in unity, they appear half the size.

I need some insight!