Unity 2D TileMap Rule Tile Carpet

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to setup my Rule Tiles for the LPC Terrain Atlas.

This is what I got:

alt text

I don’t fully understand the rules and am having trouble in certain cases, others are good.

Which rules should I be fixing?


Hi, I know this is over a year late. But I came here looking for the same thing, and I finally discovered an answer on my own, so this is for those who find it in the future.

I’m using LPC Base Assets just like you are. I’m not sure how to provide pictures, but…

What I ended up doing was go from “Most Rules” to “Least Rules”, and keep to the same type of rule. As in…
Middle tile first, all 8 squares true
Inside Corners, 8 squares true
Edges, 4 squares true
Corners, 3 squares true
Singles, default

The only problem is that a place that could reasonably have 2 outside corners ends up having one corner or the other. From what I can tell, this is a failing of the LPC pack, not the rulesets. Two solutions to that is A) Avoid double corners. B) create one or two alts for each double corner scenario (corners separate or corners together)

Again, sorry no one had an answer to this sooner.