Unity 2D - Very low FPS in empty project/scene

Just updated the laptop, as my previous one was getting pretty old.

New one is not bad: Intel Core i5-8250U, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce MX150, SSD.
It’s not great, but for my 2D games should be more than enough.

And sure, the laptop is really fast, it boots up in seconds, takes less than a minute to install a new version of Unity and launch it, I am super happy about the update.
But there is a catch: FPS is extremely low when running a preview! It falls down to 15-30 FPS when in full screen. Even if I turn off vSync, have absolutely no scripts running, or try to increase Application target FPS.

I’ve tried both 2018.4.2f1 and 2019.1.6f1, and they both run much better on my older laptop, which takes several minutes just to boot up. I’ve got no clue what is going on and how to fix it… Might consider switching to another engine, which will be a shame, as I’ve got quite used to Unity.

False alarm, I guess… Just installed all the Windows updates, I was missing some, seems to have raised FPS to stable 60-70. Runs silky smooth now.

Here are the updates I’ve had to install, if anyone runs into similar issue.