Unity 3.0 and scene merging capabilities


My team of developers and I have been working with Unity for that last couple of months and we've recently learned that Unity 3.0 is scheduled to be released pretty soon. We've also heard that a plethora of new features are being introduced in Unity 3.0. One question my team had was if Unity 3.0 had planned to improve upon the scene merging capabilities? Right now because scenes are currently available as binary files only, you cannot have multiple people making changes to a scene file and then relying on revision control systems (such as SVN, or perforce) to merge the changes. I've read various forum topics online about this issue and it seems teams have had various solutions to work around this problem. I think this scene merging issue could be resolved if there was some way to export scene data as text data that could be saved/loaded by unity. I know a couple of companies had mentioned that they had written tools to do something like this and I know that there is currently an open source endeavor to introduce a text file format version of a unity scene. I was just wondering if Unity has plans in general to address this (e.g. in Unity 3.0 or in another future version)


I'm pretty sure it's not going to be in the release of 3.0 (the latest beta still has binary scenes), but that doesn't mean it can't come in a later minor release.

If it hasn't already been added to feedback, I would add our request there (http://feedback.unity3d.com) and try get people to vote it up, as the developers use that as a guide for what to implement.

There don't appear to have been significant changes between 2.6 and 3.1 with regard to scene management and merging. As a result, the answers to this question are just as relevant: