Unity 3.0 "Unified Editor" confusion...

I just read this article: on the upcoming Unity 3 release.

Unified Editor

Sweet multiplatform development has come of age! As of Unity 3 one editor targets all platforms. Want to make a game for iPhone, web and Xbox 360? No problem. Have everything you need in one project and simply choose which platform you're currently previewing inside the editor to see exactly how your game works.

Does this mean you can make an iPhone game in Unity not Unity iPhone? Or would you need to buy them separately? (this is probably the case, just double checking).

I'm confused.

There is now only one editor, however you still need to purchase separate licenses for the different platforms.

So now development for the PC, Mac, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 can be done from the same editor.

Note that the consoles require special development kits to work with, and you must be a registered developer with the appropriate company to obtain these kits.

Unity iPhone/iPad still requires you to be part of the iPhone Developer Program, and you can still only develop applications for these platforms on a Mac.