Unity 3.1 to 4.2 file browser text broken for program

I’m fairly mediocre at using Unity, but I opened a program created with Unity 3.5 in Unity 4.2 and accepted the default upgrading Unity does. I changed several methods that were reported as being obsolete then tried to build it as a PC Standalone like it previously was. It built and didn’t report any errors, but now it seems my file browser class is broken. Has anyone had a similar problem? Below is the broke screen then the what it previously looked like

For the record my problem was that I was missing several “.ttf” files in my Assets/Skins/Fonts folder. The program was originally created in 3.1 on a Mac so when I tried to open and build it on a Windows machine, the fonts were missing. This caused the text to not display as I mentioned above. Hope this helps anyone having a similar problem!