Unity 3.2 using System.Collections.Generic; error


i have been following the tutorial of burgzerg arcade until i face with problem using List<> component

i m currently using unity 3.2

the code line gives error is " private List _lootItems; " and i already have "using System.Collections.Generic; " defined at top

compiler still gives error as "the type or namespace name 'Item' could not be found. Are u missing a using directive or an assembly reference"

in tutorial video of burgzerg script can be compiled with no error why am i getting this error since i use the exact same code

thanx in advance.

Do you have a class defined with the name "Item" in your project?

And I think your list declaration would have to look like this:

private List<Item> _lootItems;

i fixed it Item stands for a script he hase made and i heve it here

    using UnityEngine;

public class Item {
 private string _name;
 private int _value;
 private RarityTypes _rarity;
 private int _curDur;
 private int _maxDur;
 public Item (){
 _name = "Need Name";
 _value = 0;
 _rarity = RarityTypes.Common; 
 _maxDur = 50; 
 _curDur = _maxDur; 
 public Item(string name, int value, RarityTypes Rare,  int maxDur, int curDur){
 _name = name;
 _value = value;
 _rarity = Rare; 
 _maxDur = maxDur; 
 _curDur = curDur; 
 public string Name {
 get{ return _name; }
 set {_name = value; }
 public int Value {
 get { return _value; }
 set { _value = value;} 
 public RarityTypes Rare{
 get {return _rarity; }
 set {_rarity = value;} 
 public int MaxDuribility {
 get { return _maxDur;}
 set {_maxDur = value;} 
 public int CurDuribility {
 get { return _curDur;}
 set {_curDur = value;} 

public enum RarityTypes{