Unity 3.3.0 will not work!

Unity 3.3.0 will not work no matter what i do. I have changed computability and everything other sources say to do, but it still refuses to work.

Im on P.C., i have windows 7 64-bit, 4 gig RAM, AMD Phenon 9950 Quad-Core Processor 2.60 GHz, Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4800 series, and 116 GB free on my harddrive.

When ever i click to start up the editor it will show the process (in ctrl + alt + dlt) for a couple seconds then its gone, no error, nothing pops up to say anything, just a mouse loading and then nothing.

Can anyone help?? I really want to get into Unity development.

rofl i have an idea of your problem this only happens on windows -idk why

how it happended for me

so i have a project and im working on it with my team, the project is on an external hardrive now i tried to run the project from the hard drive on different computers

what i got was the EXACT same behavior as you described, even when i removed the hard drive

then i took my hard drive and tried to run the project from my mac only this time unity gave me an error msg which was something like "cannot read a non-case sensitive project from a case sensitive directory" something like, maybe vice versa

so my understanding of the problem is whenever unity starts up it loads the last project referenced, automatically literally part of start up

so my belief is that you tried to do something similiar or perhaps you stopped working on your project one day and when you were closing you perhaps moved the files locations so that when unity starts up it cant find the project to load (or its corrupted because of case-sensative directories) and doesnt know what else to do so it crashes

so here are your options i would first try this -find an old project of yours that you havent moved around or anything, go into its project files, find a scene and click it that way unity opens up with that project now idk if that will fix it because the windows computers i did this to i didnt care about, but this sounds sensable since it forces unity to open up with a different project

if that fails, your going to love this one do the time old classic when a program has gone to hell functionally un-install and re-install (be sure to move ALL projects to a new location so on new startup will take a default action and create a new project)

but yeah what you have described is to the letter of a problem i recently dealt with