Unity 3.3 icons not showing up in scene view

I upgraded my project from 2.6 to 3.3. I can’t seem to get the icons for lights, cameras, etc. to show up in the scene view. I don’t think it’s a problem with layers unless I’m missing something. I can select the objects in the Hierarchy but it’s becoming a pain. I do, however, see these icons when I start a new project. Anyone have an idea what’s going on?
alt text


I upgraded to 3.4 and reupgraded my project from 2.6 to 3.4. I’m getting the same problem. I thought the new icon controls in 3.4 might help out but they just seem to reveal something funky is going on. Here’s another picture showing what I mean. As you can see, I have a light selected, and I have the icon dropdown with the light icons set to “on” but they aren’t showing up:

alt text

I’m also seeing something similar in Unity 3.4. For some reason some of my incons are showing up, but not others. Quite a headache

I am having the same issue in 3.4 even with new projects. It also seems to be affecting the guide lines representing the bounding boxes for things like the camera.


I was able to fix the issue. I uninstalled the 3.4, and then went through the registry and removed any unity entries. Apparently, Unity likes to use the registry like a properties file on Windows. After I did this and re-installed, everything was working normal.