Unity 3.4 Scene view Z-fighting - can clip planes be set?

After upgrading to 3.4, my game looks fine and plays fine on my android device. The scene view looks ragged and has much z fighting. Can I set resolution and other settings for the scene view camera?

I also had this issue after upgrading to Unity 3.4, but did not find any answers that helped me fix this for the scene view in the editor.
Anyway, I figured out the issue through experimentation with Render settings for the Unity editor.

Go to Edit->Graphics Emulation and set the emulation to ‘No Emulation’ and your scene view Z fighting issues will magically go bye bye.

BTW, changing the camera’s clip plane settings buys you nothing while in the editor’s scene view mode since it’s not running that camera at the time. It’s using the editor’s built in camera.

Hope this helps.

I think that I had the same issue. After updating to Unity 3.4 all the objects have started to Zfight while zooming over the game level ( at least in Game Mode, not tried on device). You have to change the Near and Far Clip planes of the Camera. In my case it's like it wasn't supported a 0.01 value for the Near clip plane (whatever the value for the Far). I've just changed to 0.1 and no more fights.