Unity 3.4 UniSciTE: go-to-error-line-number broken?

It seems with 3.4 and the change to default to MonoDevelop, if you try to go back to UniSciTE then Unity no longer goes to the line number when you double-click a console error message. Is anyone else seeing this, or did I do something wrong? Am I the only
UniSciTE user left?

I have reported this (Case 413013). Hopefully it’s a bug added at the last moment and not a result of no-one at UT using or caring about UniSciTE anymore.

(the reason I prefer UniSciTE most of the time is that it is much faster to come up, edit, and uses the local documentation files, not unity3d.com, I only use MonoDevelop when I need to debug)

In Unity 3.3, go-to-line was only supported with the built-in UniSciTE, but not if you browsed to an alternative editor. I wanted to use Notepad++, so I replaced the Unity-provided UniSciTE executable with a launcher that massages the line number provided on the command line and invokes Notepad++ instead.

Unity 3.4 no longer passes line information to any editor except MonoDevelop. The launcher technique still works though, but you need to replace the MonoDevelop executable instead of UniSciTE.

it still seems to be there, but you gotta browse to it.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Data\Tools\UniSciTE

i dont know if you did this already to fix your line number issue, but if thats what you did, give notepad++ a try. Its very popular in the professional ranks (if you are on a windows system) and you cant/dont use Vis studio. I dont use UniSciTE, but I use notepadd++ in place of UniSciTE. So, unity thinks its running UniSciTE, but instead notepad++ comes up at to the correct line number. (check this link for details: unifycommunity.com )

I also want to add that I really hate mono develop…its terrible, slow, and buggy. Also, the way its integrated with unity3d is very clunky. Every now and then i’ll debug with it, but i much rather not use it AT ALL.