Unity 3.5.7f6 font style of one object is linked to another object.

I’m using Unity 3.5.7f6. When I edit the font style of one text area on one object, it changes another font style on another object to the same font. Is there a way to break this bond/link of font styles between the two objects, using the inspector?

In the Inspector Text Area, I click on the circle icon to the right of the Font attribute. Then, select a font style from the pop up. When I do this other objects change their font styles to the same font style. This is not what I want to happen, I would like the different objects to have different fonts.

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Define a GUIStyle for each text area. Out of the box Unity has a single GUISkin which is shared by all GUI controls. Changing the font size on this out of the box GUISkin affects all other controls. A GUISkin is a container for GUIStyles.