unity 3.5 crash on android 5.0


My old project was made with unity 3.5. Now it works good with android 4.4.2 but crashes on android 5.0.

I can’t upgrade my project to new version of unity because most of my project’s assets rotation, position is wrong when I upgrade and I must set all again.

Is this crash because of wrong Minimum API level in unity 3.5? if I install new SDK version then can I run unity 3.5 on android 5.0 ?

Just upgrade everything and it should be working fine. If the scripts didn’t ugrade try again by going into Assets and then clicking run api updater I did the same with an old project which was for android but using unity 3.7 and I just upgraded everything and changed a few things in the scripts and it worked just fine. The only downside for me was the scene. The scene wasn’t alligned corectly but apart from that it was all fine