Unity 3.5 w/android&IOS vs 4.0 free?

Hello there!

Here is my predicament…I have Unity 3.5 free with the android and IOS license, and I am attempting to create a FPS game for android and IOS. I recently saw a tool that would greatly aid me(fps control). The problem is it is only compatible with version 4.0. So I’m not exactly sure if it is worth upgrading to the 4.0 free version of unity as I can not carry my licenses over. I saw there is an upgrade offer of $125 for each android and IOS license, but I am a bit strapped on cash atm. Could I create my game on Unity 4.0 free and later buy the android and IOS license and export my game as an IOS/Android game?

Your thoughts would be much appreciated,
Thank you!

Contact the author of the asset you are talking about and ask if there are any 4.x features it requires. Because when one packages things to sell on the asset store, it sets the requirement to the version it was built with, not by whatever minimal version its feature set would need (if I’m not mistaken!) So it might actually not require the higher version if they didn’t do anything with new API’s or features. If it comes as source code you might be ok. You might buy it from a machine that has 4.x on it just to get it. But best to contact the author first.