Unity 3 Android license question

I plan to purchase Unity 3 + Android, and here's a question I have: Under the Unity (or Android) terms of use, can I use Unity to make other applications besides games, or does everything I make (that will go onto the Android Market) with Unity have to be a game?

I'm sure you could just "guess" at this answer, but providing some proof to back it up is what will not only make me feel better, but also what will earn you that checkmark. ;)

Unity has never had any "games only" provision in the licensing, and the company actively encourages non-game usage. The lack of any such requirement in the license is proof, but it's also impossible to specifically point to something that isn't there.

You can use unity to create application rather than a game but it seems pointless regardless of unity version, but using an application based on menus and the gui setting would work. Sorry i have no screenshots to back this up but Im quite sure about it.