Unity 3 (beta 4): Lightmap bake error when "playing"

Good morning!

I'm testing Unity 3 (beta 4), specifically lightmap baking functions, and I'm very very impressed. But today I was trying again to do a lightmap baking and a strange error occurred: the next two images will explain better.

1) Scene without error: the game window showing the scene without the "play button" pressed http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/6217/u3error01.jpg

2) Scene with error: the game window showing the scene with the "play button" pressed http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/4946/u3error02.jpg

Notice that (a) it is texturizing each face on geometry with the lightmap baked and (b) the error just occur when I "play" the scene. All the models in the scene was modelled on Blender. But if I use planes/box/cilinder from Unity, the lightmap baked works fine.

One thing I figure (think) out: my Blender's models (like the "sink") have multiple meshes. When I make just one mesh per model works fine, but if I place two different models on the scene, each one with only one mesh, the problem appears again. At last, I rebaked the scene and the problem still.

Would anyone know what is happening?

Thanks a lot!

Thank you Ashkan!

I'll do that, but I'm wondering now where is the right place to ask UT team? Well, I know beta is a "preview" and it will have a lot of customizations and corrections (little support at all at this moment), but I'm excited about the final release! Unity is definitely the best game engine I've ever seen.