Unity 3 beta samples

I opened in Unity 3 beta the island demo and then tried to switch to iPhone basic version. I got the error that the terrain is not supported in iPhone. Does this mean that I have to wait/find demos specific for version 3?

You should try these (iPhone specific) examples instead:


Not sure if all will work for you, but most should

I think UT is updating at least some of the demos for Unity 3 but that's still in the process. So, while some of the demos that Mike posted may work, others won't. Don't forget that Unity 3 is still in beta, and it's a major release ... so there's quite a bit happening with it right now.

The Island Demo is not designed for iPhone (iPhone doesn't support terrains), and IIRC, it won't even be included in the final Unity 3 release (there's a new demo which is more a FPS style game that also showcases many of the new Unity 3 features).