Unity 3: CCD is not supported for this type of Collider

I'm getting this error message with a couple of new Mesh Colliders I've put into my application. Any idea what CCD is or how I can resolve it? Google search returns some info on Vertexes, but I'm not sure how it applies to my model in Unity.

I am using default settings on the Mesh Collider and it is sitting as a child of a scripted game object.

I have found this information that it has something on Colliders:


Not sure why Unity3 is returning it as an error.

Flipper Mesh

I've attached a picture of my mesh. I know it's pretty complicated for collision, and plan on going back and reducing the complexity significantly (I'm just using the model's mesh, but I really only need the outer rubber piece to detect collision.

Set the collision detection mode to "Discrete" on the objects Rigidbody to get rid of the error. Or wait for beta 5, which removes that error message :)

To answer part of your question, in this context I believe CCD is Continuous Collision Detection, which refers to a method of solving collisions, and is part of PhysX in Unity. As for why there is an error I would assume it is not supported for meshes due to complexity/efficiency.