Unity 3 or 4

Hello I know this question is a little dry… Sorry well any way we are now past that point! I Cobalt60 was wanting to know if unity 4 is better than unity 3.5.6f4 the reason why I ask is because when unity 3 first came out I remember there being bugs that I used to hate! “Has anyone run into bugs that make development process sluggish”? OK the first part of my question is over now the second part. How is the performance because the version of unity I am running right now seems a little slower than 3.4 for some reason? when I go back from 3.5 to 3.4 I can see the performance difference. “Soooooo has anyone had a performance speed jump when switching”? Ok those are my two questions bugs, and performance. Thank you for reading this
Sincerely, Cobalt 60

Been using Unity 4, fairly recently, but its a lot more stable than 3.5.6 its a lot more robust as well. Kinda like switching from a PC to a Mac, as bad as that sounds, its true.

So in short, no bugs AT ALL so far, very very stable, performance wise i dont recall how fast 3.4 was, as that was too long ago for me, but it is definitely faster than 3.5 in compiling, importing assets, building and even hitting that play button.

Last but not least, definitely not least for me, it looks WWAAAAYYYY cooler, subtle environment, 1st time i actually run Unity and not change the arrangement of the editor, hierarchy, project ,etc etc., easy on the eyes too :slight_smile:

Hope that answers your questions :slight_smile:

Good Luck