unity,3 problems (No floor,no island demo) (and random error)

you know last unity i downloaded one of the 2xx version when i started i was on an island now i downloaded the unity 3.3 and i do not have the island it never shows up another problem is that my floor the thing withe gray background,white squares, now it does not show up looks here a pic (all 3 problems) alt text

I don't see any problem.

  1. The Island demo is no longer included in the unity installation. You have to download it manually if you need it.
  2. What "floor" are you talking about? There is no floor if you don't create one. Your scene is empty with two exceptions: a cube and your maincamera. If you mean you don't see the grid guide lines, you have to disable the gameoverlay button at the top of your scene view.
  3. What's the third "problem"? Do you mean the warning that shows up at the bottom? I would recommend just do what it tells you.

Unity will not do anything for you. You have to create your own assets, scripts and whatsoever. A demo just shows you what you can do with Unity and you can learn from it how to use Unity.

It seems you have a quite empty project (only standard assets) and the scene you are working with isn’t even saved (it’s untitled). Your project is called Hack And Slash and not Island demo or anything else. If you started a new project it will be and should be empty.

I would recommend you to look for some basic tutorials on how to use Unity and how it works.

fixed had to turn off the backgound thing downloaded somewher 2.6 unity and tada