Unity 3 Target Platforms

With Unity 3, how easy will it be to target multiple platforms? If you wanted to target both the iPhone and Android say, how much work will be involved in targeting both? When you create a project, do you have to specify which platform the project is targeting?

Unity 3 will have a single editor for all target platforms, and an option to switch the editor to different platform modes, to let you see how the game would look on that platform. You can have one project which targets all platforms, and we allow platform specific settings for some performance critical options like texture import settings or player settings. This will make cross platform development much easier then it is so far with Unity 2.6/iPhone 1.7.

It should probably be mentioned that the only legal way to develop for iPhone is by using Xcode, and Xcode only exists on Mac OS. Unity has to use Xcode to build for the iPhone - so this is not a limitation of Unity but a requirement by Apple and it's unlikely that this will ever change.

But as Jonas said: You'll be able to do a lot of stuff on Windows even for iPhone development. You just can't do builds and testing on the device.

Besides, you'll be able to do Android development on Windows with Unity 3 (AFAIK with an extra license similar to the Unity iPhone license).