Unity 3D 4.2 with OSX Mavericks GM


I'm a licences user and do I understand Mavericks GM is not out except to developers, and also that I'll be advised to wait till it's officially supported by Unity.

But I'm trying my luck anyways in hope there's a solution to a minor issue I've had with mavericks from day one with unity. I'm currently downloading 4.2.1 and hoping the issue I'm facing might be addressed in this build.

'Got to error/log' from the editor is not working. This is when you double click on a log message and the focus moves to the related file and line in monodevlop.

It would be great to know if anybody has figured out a way to fix this.


Works for me. Always did. 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 have all behaved the same with Unity.

Bump - anyone else try unity 4.2 on OSX Mavericks?

Looks like I'm the only one :)

i use it. i cannot debug my c# scripts. Unity 4.2.2 and 4.3beta crashes.

Bump - I am excited about the OpenGL 4 support, and want to update. Did anyone try running Unity with the final release of Mavericks? Is all working well?

Same question - can we install maverick without problem? I would have assumed unity gang would have been working with the developer preview for weeks now and would have released a update if needed? Any ideas out there?

I have installed OSX Mavericks and it works fine. Although it erased my Application.persistentDataPath for my game. I posted an new post about where I can safely save games. Anyone have any ideas?

Upgraded to Mavericks today and I am having the same "goto error/log from editor" bug as the OP. I am also not getting all of the code hints in MonoDevelop unless I close the script and reopen it...then all the code hints show up. :/

Can anyone else who has upgraded to Mavericks reproduce theses? Try 'em:

1) Generate any scripting error in the Unity editor console. Double-click the error. It opens the script in MonoDevelop. Does it highlight the offending line like it should?? (mine no longer does).

2) Create a new script in Unity. Open the new script from Unity so it launches into MonoDevelop. Just try to create a Debug.Log statement. Do you get the code hint for "Debug" like normal or does it act like it has no idea what the Debug method is? If no code hint, close the script and reopen, then it seems fully aware of all code hints like normal.

I hope these little things get fixed soon. This will be the last time I upgrade the OS before Unity gives the green light...

When I double click a script on an object, a new instance of MonoDevelop is now launched (even though there is already an instance running). This new instance never actually starts, and I end up force quitting it. Upgraded to Mavericks today - same as Yohann, that'll teach me to want proper full screen apps on two monitors....

Update: Turned out I didn't have Unity 4.2.2 installed on this computer. Upgraded Unity and I no longer see two instances of MonoDevelop, however like the other posters, MonoDevelop no longer highlights the line with the error when I double click the error message in the Editor.

Issue 2 in the above post also occurs for me.

I have updated, I am not noticing any issues. Tested Debog.Log(), which when double clicked, opens MonoDevelop at the correct line. Works the same with error messages in the console. No issues here. (Yay)

I'm on 10.6.8 but somehow the download from the AppStore won't start. :(

Good to hear it will probably work in case I even get it do download, though.

Don't forget to transfer your license just in case prior to installing a new OS. Not sure it would but it could save a day of support.

going to take the plunge later today, will post back with issues if I have any fingers crossed

If something is not working as it should in Unity on Mavericks please submit a bug for it.

I did a clean install of Mavericks, and I used Migration Assistant to transfer everything over.

Unity3D 4.2.2 opened fine, but Monodevelop had problems. It would launch, and immediately quit.

I deleted the entire Unity folder in Applications, then re-installed it. Monodevelop works fine after the re-install.

I put a deliberate bug in the code, then double clicked the warning I got in Unity, and it took me to the proper line in Monodevelop.

So far, so good.

can you debug and see locals (variable values)?

Debug.Log shows up in Unity, I can see local variables their values in the inspector.

by debugging i mean c# code debugging on monodevelop using these steps. on monodevelop Run/Attach To Process/Unity then play on Unity and at debug point check Locals tab on Monodevelop. my unity 4.2.2 crashes using these steps. Before Mavericks i had no problem with debugging.

Mavericks is released as free. i hope unity solve this problem soon.

Since installing Mavericks, I have been having problems with Mono opening the last loaded solution when I double-click on my script in Unity to edit it. Problem is, I iterate my development backups (by copying the entire project folder and then opening the scene again in the new path) as a poor-man's method of source control. This has always worked in the past, but now since yesterday if I open a file in say my iteration41 path, it will load that file into Mono but against the prior iteration40 solution. So before I spotted that, building would compile the old solution and leave me wondering why my code changes for the edited script weren't showing up back in the player. I doubt if this bug will affect source controlled code where the path doesn't change, but I'd imagine it could be a potential problem for multiple projects.

Have already raised a bug report on this with more detail, but be interesting to know if anyone has seen similar behaviour.