Unity 3d and Augmented reality

has anyone out there been experimenting with unity and augmented reality is it possible are there any tools or plugins available

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Unity-Interface for ARToolkit - UART building on ARToolkit at Sourceforge

FaceAPI FaceTracking


HandVU HandTracking


SLAM edge detection system


mac + iSight + opencv + unity = magic

Flash webcam assisted Augmented Reality

Honey Nut Cheerios AR (proprietary AR system)

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I copied these links from the answers in this question and from following links:

The other day I found this topic on the forum about UnityAR - an Augmented Reality project that hooks into the ARToolkit to allow you to use webcams as input devices for stuff like pattern recognition. I haven't followed it up myself, but might be worth a look.

Let my know what else you find as this is an area i'd be interested in too=)

It looks lke Unity has partnered with Qualcomm's AR Challenge - Unity is part of the SDK provided @ http://developer.qualcomm.com/dev/augmented-reality/developer-challenge

We developed a toolkit for Unity called UART that tracks typical ARToolKit style markers using an abstracted interface to a patched version of ARToolKitPlus or StbTracker. There is a sorceforge project here. The toolkit allows for desktop development with the camera on either OSX or Windows with 1-click publishing to iPhone. I should point out that we did this work on the 3GS and XP and are not actively developing the project for iPhone 4 or the more recent public video APIs. We had a lot of contact with Qaulcomm and UART provided some inspiration for their Unity plugin.

Here is Unity 3D handVu tutorials:


I compiled a list of some top tutorials on the basics of creating an augmented reality app. Hope it can be useful to other developers here. http://www.verious.com/board/Giancarlo-Leonio/3d-android-augmented-reality

We just submitted IN2AR to the Asset Store. It should be available there soon, but you can already download it from the webpage in2ar.com/sdk.asp as .unitypackages

Its a Cross-Platform Augmented Reality engine so you can deploy your project for PC or MAC ( ideal for Kiosks ) or mobile (iOS and Android )

SDKs are those which help in developing augmented reality based applications. Layar and Wikitude – Android. AFAIK, Wikitude and Layar have made their SDKs public. Android Studio provides the SDK for AR apps development. For iOS it is Metaio SDK which has been acquired by Apple now.

I found this one too http://mypersonalsoft.blogspot.com/2010/09/augmented-reality-using-unity-3d.html

While we were very excited to see the latest info on Qualcomm and Unity partnering for AR on Android devices. Is there any effort of anyone to release a plug-in that supports Unity3D AR app development for multiple platforms, Web,Mac, PC, iOS, that MAC developers can work with?

Old thread but for anyone searching there’s now the Kudan AR Engine available for Unity. Augmented Reality Unity Plugin

I want to leave here a useful guide to developing applications with AR - How to Create Augmented Reality Apps: a short Introduction , I’m sure more of this information will be useful