Unity 3D and Cocos2d merged iOS build

Hi All,

I am in a bit of a tricky situation. I have been working on an application using cocos2d for iOS for a while. The application makes use of OpenGl on iOS.
Now I want to merge a 3D Application that I created using Unity3D with the native application built using Cocos2D.

I have been able to successfully merge the two applications but when I launch the Unity Application after cocos2d one, my application crashes. Probably due to the different instance of OpenGL being used by cocos2d and unity. But I don’t know how to tackle this.

This is a very important feature for my application and I can’t just remove it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward for your valuable support.



From Unity 4.3 it is providing best facility to make 2d games, sorry! pure 2D games with easily coded Box2D with easy methods to detect collisions. It also provides a new SpriteRenderer to render sprite. It also allows you to batch sprites.

So what all you can do in cocos2D, you can do the same with even more ease in Unity. Even I was a Cocos2D developer before coming to Unity. But now, I won’t touch cocos2D. I use Objective C only for native iOS plugins if required.

So go for Unity.