Unity 3d android

I developed my first play on windows, but now I want to develop it on android. My question is, i have a 3Dtext Button and I want it is when you open it expresses a level.
How does it work thanks.

I did this one time like this :

open File → Build Settings
drag your level(s) to the first area (Scenes in build).
they will get an index number 0 , 1, 2 ,3 ,and so…
you can rearrange them as you like so the first one will be the 0 level the second one the 1 level, and so on…

the 3dtextbutton gets a collider component (BoxCollider must be fine for example) resize it to cover your 3d text. and check “isTrigger” in the inspector under the Collider settings.
now you call ontrigger enter, stay or exit.

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collider)
//load one of the added levels in (Scenes in build)

now you should ask for the finger position when it touches the mobile device screen in your script here is an example (when only ONE finger is touching):

// Update is called once per frame
	void Update ()
		int fingerCount = 0;		
		if(Input.touches.Length > 0)
			foreach (Touch touch in Input.touches) {
				if (touch.phase != TouchPhase.Ended && touch.phase != TouchPhase.Canceled) {				
		if (fingerCount == 1 ) {			
			Vector3 p1 = cam.ScreenToWorldPoint (new Vector3 (
			Input.touches [0].position.x,
			Input.touches [0].position.y,
			MY_FINGER_GAMEOBJECT.transform.position = p1;

change the screen points to the game world position: Vector3 p1 = cam.ScreenToWorldPoint (new Vec…

HERE_COMES_THE_POSITION_OF_YOUR_BUTTON = this depends on the space between your camera and the object you want to touch. (in my example the camera was looking from above and is not moving at all. (camera Y = 40 units).

add a new gameobject with a collider, you dont need a mesh renderer and give it the position of the finger with the right Height to find your 3D text, when the finger touches the screen activate it and when the finger leaves the screen disable it. and this collider will collide with your 3D Button, the Trigger function will fire what ever you like.

for sure there are many ways to solve this and to reach the same effect. but this is how i did it without using any plugin .

hope this can help you somehow…

Thank you.