Unity 3D automated build on Windows Server 2003

As mentioned in Unity Reference, it is possible to start Unity with the arguments “-batchmode” and “-nographics”.
That works so far to build an .exe File from my Unity game project, but the problem is, that i cannot use pro features in this case. I have several pro licences purchased, but i cannot even start Unity itself on the Server (Windows Server 2003, Virtual with VMWare) to enter the serial because it does not have 3D Acceleration and / or Hardware Acceleration.

Does anyone know, how to get my Unity version on the Server to a pro version?
Or is it possible to build a game that has pro features with a standard Unity licence?

To build my game i use (in a batch):
%__unityPath% -batchmode -nographics -projectPath “%__projectPath%” -logFile “%~dp0\log.txt” -buildWindowsPlayer “%__exePath%%__gameName%.exe” -quit

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately the only solution seems to be to use a PCI passthrough for the GPU from the server itself to the VMWare Station.

We managed to du this with a Radeon HD 4650, we tried earlier with a nVidia Quadro, but it was not working as passthrough device.

With the passthrough i managed to get hardware acceleration and Unity started where i applied my serial number.