Unity 3D file, weird bug, transparent face

Hi there,
I recently got a problem with a 3D FBX file from Blender in Unity. The file looks fine and all good in both blender and in other 3D softwares, but when I import into unity, it is like some of the faces are “gone” (When you view it from the front) as in the sides are not really visible, It is kinda hard to explain, but I have a photo from Unity here:
alt text

And one from blender here:
alt text

This worked earlier, and the problem first occured when I made som changes to the 3D blender file, and then reimportet it. I have tried to create new 3D files, both FBX and OBJ, but I run into the same problem all the time, any help is appreciated. Thanks :smiley:

This question remains unanswered as the answer is in the comments - Copying solution here:

Answer from above: Normals required Unifying (Flipping faces at source or Calculating in Unity) Please accept anwser and give a thumbs up if Josh707’s Answer fixed your issue

As ever please check the FAQ’s to help troubleshoot: