unity 3d freezes

Hi, my unity keeps freezing on me within 10 minutes of use. It freezes permanently and the only way to close unity is through Start Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete). You cannot click on any buttons in the unity and cannot pan around once it freezes. These freezes are unexpected so it is frustrating when you're making some progress into your work. I am running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, with 4gb of RAM, a nVidia geforce 8600m GT, at 2.00 ghz core 2 duo, so I don't think that its my Laptop's hardware problem. I've done some research and people said that it is because of Bit Defender. I turned my Bit Defender off and this problem still occurs. Is there anyway to solve this? Thanks in advance

Hey guys, Im not sure if this is the solution or not, but I changed a ‘while’ statement to an ‘if’ statement and my program worked fine. Hope that helped

The game design group I am in at my university just started using Unity, on the first day of using Unity we were playing with the Bootcamp demo and all of us encountered this bug in some way. What happened to us was that after editing the demo for a while the play/pause buttons stopped responding then soon after none of the buttons on Unity would respond. All of the machines in the lab were identical and able to run the demo without any problems. I encountered the same problem after installing Unity and the demo on my own personal computer. The only way to fix this was to exit Unity, but only to have the bug happen again.

I doubt the graphics card have much to do with it. I've spoken to people who are experts in this field, most of them told me that they've never encountered such an error, and that if it does happen, it must be something linked with your pc's antivirus, firewall, or any sort of windows proxy setting (if your using unity at school). The new computer I bought, I have overclocked and crossfired ATI radeon HD 5870, and its working fine. The laptop that freezes all the time is hooked with a nVidia geforce m8600 GT. There is no obvious connection with gpu i suppose.

Same thing here since I bought unity3d pro it is freezing after couple of minutes or when accessing the asset store , unbelivable is also the response of unity , I submitted the bug and they told me they are aware of it but cannot do anything about it !?!
They coming out with great features every day but cannot fix bugs so it’s possible to work on a project without interruption . I assume that reading all the comments in the forum that it has to do with users having the ATI cards . My laptop has a geforce and I don’t have any problems my desktop has a 2 gb ATI and it freezes all the time .
My suggestion for the Unity team get together with ATI and fix this problem .

Same here…
Well, in our (large project) case, project is large, about 15 GIG
already, so - nice to know it not graphic cards, or yadda yadda,
but, it maybe help if i say that i KNOW (positive), that this graphic
freezing started happening after newest Windows 10 updates.
(and - we do nothing wrong with code, as - we have iron-clad
quality check policy, on every newly made #CS, or JS scripts…
***Radeon latest suite here, in the laptop, and was NOT
doing this prior to newest Windows updates are installed …
So, we temporary use "X-Frame FPS " utility from the Store,
and you can use any similar one from there - the issue
disappears, when such FPS improvement scripts are put on
camera(s)… It’s a temporary fix, but - for now: it works for us…