Unity 3d How to make a register and login system

Hi guys, i need help, i have an FPS game, that i hope to sell soon, i would like to make a register system on a website, and then they log in on the client. Does anyone know of a good FREE website host, that supports PHP etc? I want it to be like Minecraft registration, where you sign up and pay £5, then you login on the game. If anyone here could help me with this i would be very appreciative and will go in the credits, thanks.

Everyone wants all the parts for free, and then make money on them.

I would really look into getting a package in the Asset Store. Anywhere from $5 to $25. Your first 1 to 5 players pays for it!

You can get great web hosting for about $10/month. Your first 2 new players pays for it!

If you don’t think you’ll get that many players, it might not be worth doing, not for that price anyway. But if you’ll get lots more than that, it’s worth it to save the time and trouble you’d have to put yourself through.

http://www.1and1.com/ provides free hosting with php support, although…

You more than likely are jumping into a rather large world with a fairly ambitious goal. Start small, learn PHP in bits and pieces, and READ EVERYTHING you can.

Once you think you can write what you need, you’ll need to read everything else you can about data sanitation, about database security, about PHP-input security. I recommend this book: Essential PHP Security: A Guide to Building Secure Web Applications - Chris Shiflett - Google Books

Once you know who “Little Bobby Tables” is, and you can reasonably explain why your input scrubbing is the best input scrubbing, then go ahead and write your login system.

Then, once its done, buy a real webserver (I recommend Rackspace).