Unity 3d in touch sensitive webstore interface.

Welcome. My name is Martin and I am a user interface designer of Poland (www.userinterfacedesigner.pl). My task is to create a touch version of the webstore with 3d elements. At the beginning I choice a WebGL technology because of the sstraightforward integration with databases (such interface will need to download thumbnails of products and basic information about it using mysql. Problem is the lack of simple tools to create such a project. Recently I became interested in the unity. I just don’t know whether his capabilities allow me to do this. What do you think about Unity 3d? Is a good choice for such a task?

You can use xTUIO with Unity3 for implement multitouch functions to your proyect.


I work with databases through php, with WWW class. I don’t know if exist other methods, sorry.

Yes I have in mind multitouch. I am afraid only of integration with databases. Do you know any solution that can help me?