Unity 3d iOS 6 update

Hi everyone! I want to know when the new unity 3d release to support iOS 6 and iphone 5 4-inches screen with splashscreen will update.
Thanks to all!

There is a workaround to the splash screen issues: Xcode wants to compress the splash images, which seems to trigger the copy protection. You can turn it off in the Project view: Select your Project (‘Unity-iPhone’ by default), then change ‘Build settings/Packaging/Compress PNG Files’ to ‘No’.

I upgraded all my apple software, and i am using my i phone 4 with ios6 and i have not been able to build onto my phone. When i do it shows the splash image and cashes. Disapointing but hopefully have an update soon.

Yeah i have the same problem…unity splash screen crash because i don’t have the permission to remove the splash screen. But the iphone 5 splash screen there isn’t in unity 3.5.5.

Same problem here! It will be fixed on a unity update right? or i should search the way to downgrade all?

the only way around this is to have xcode 4.5 open before opening xcode 4. then just build from 4 as normal and should work. dont know when they will release a fix as they have know about this issue for a few months now