Unity 3D it is possible render mutiple cameras on different layers in the same space?

Hi guys,

I’m working on a project… but I have a big question. Is it possible to render more than one camera in the same space merging them.

To be more clear I want a camera and then on the top render another camera (so the alpha is less or they are mixed), they share the same space on the screen.

is it possible? and how

thank you

If both cameras are in the same place, and have the same view rectangle, but different depths, the one with the higher-numbered depth will draw last. Thing is, it will overwrite what’s under it. So you may need to render to texture, then place a quad in front of the second camera looking at that texture, and that texture would have transparency (and a shader with transparency).

Depending on what you want, instead of using the Render Texture, you could have the fore-most camera not clear to skybox, but cleat to depth, or nothing, and see if that works for you. Probably not though.

If i got it right, try setting up 2 cameras on the same position and change the Viewport Rect in the Inspector on each camera.