Unity 3d - License Questions (Oculus Rift)

I’ve purchased Unity Pro and am using it to develop Oculus Rift demos, etc.

I’ve gotten into a few arguments on forums with folks who appear to be breaching the Unity EULA and encouraging others to do so as well but when I point that out usually their last defence is to say ‘prove it’, so I am hoping someone with Unity can give a definitive answer to the following:

-Are any of the following breaches of Unity3d’s EULA:

  1. Creating a workaround to get Oculus Rift support working in Unity Free (currently Oculus Rift is only supported in Unity Pro) - eg: OK | Oculus

  2. Using others’ Intellectual Property in your Unity project without obtaining the rights’ holder’s permission.

  3. Publishing content made with Unity Pro Trial - whether or not it is for commercial purposes.

  1. is general copyright law, nothing to do with Unity. 3) is plainly against the EULA (1c).
  1. is also breaching the EULA. To use external DLLs (“plugins”) you need Pro.

Using sockets to send data from some server to Unity is available in free. So, using UDP is allowed. That’s the cheesy way to get the headtracking data into Unity. What’s not allowed is to have native code (DLLs).