Unity 3d PBR shader graph: replace transparency with color

I am using unity 2018.3.5f1 with Shader Graph 4.9.0 and Lightweight RP 4.9.0. I want to create shader that will be replacing transparent part of the texture with color.

This is how my shader graph looks like :
Shader graph Unity
the issue is that I receive weird behaviour - I got some blackish spots on model:
Blackish spots on the model
changing the “Range” property in “Replace color” node to 0 will create more rough edges and more blackish spots, changing it towards 1 makes texture slowly dissappear. Basicly I want to recreate this shader (that I’ve made in Blender and works perfectly fine USING THE SAME TEXTURE as shown on the screenshots) :
Blender shader graph
No blackish spots in blender

Is there any fix for this problem? Or it is just a bug of the preview version?

There are some bleeding in your UV map. You can extend the texture in Photoshop so that there is UV in inside the texture not exactly on the edge of the texture.
And when replacing the color in shader graph a line of pixels color are not changes. By extending the texture it’ll be solved.