Unity 3D Sky Jump Fixed Jumping?

So I wanted to create a game that is similar to the sky jump arcade game in pou. Didn’t get the idea from this particular game but it was the closest example to my idea. So in the example the character (pou) jumps a fixed distance to get to another platform. He has to choose which one is better for him, in this case, closer to the player. My idea is the same, however doing it in 3d and jumping forwards instead of upwards. Anyway I can go about doing this fixed-distance jumping code? (any type of language)
Also, I want to do this for a phone, so how can I go about splitting the screen in 2 different controllers like if I touch the left side of the screen, the character is going to jump to the left platform.

Here’s a simple code in c#:

    rigidBody.AddForce(0, forceToBeApplied, forceToBeAppliedForeward);

Just modify it for your needs!