First of all, i'm just a beginner, but I tried do create a wall jump system in my 3D game :) ;
perhaps, it doesnt work, because I think the issue is on line 65 (I added commentary).
If someone better than me may help me please.


using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Saut : MonoBehaviour {

private Vector3 moveVector;
private Vector3 lastMove;
private float speed = 8;
private float jumpforce = 8;
private float gravity = 25;
private float verticalVelocity;
private CharacterController controller;


public KeyCode ToucheSaut;

// Update is called once per frame

private void Start(){
controller = GetComponent();


private void Update(){
moveVector = Vector3.zero;

// Pour se d├ęplacer
float horizontalInput = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
float verticalInput = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");
moveVector.x = horizontalInput;
moveVector.z = verticalInput;

// verticalVelocity = -1; It attract us below when player is grounded
verticalVelocity = 0;

verticalVelocity = jumpforce;
verticalVelocity -= gravity * Time.deltaTime;
moveVector = lastMove;

moveVector.y = 0;
moveVector *= speed;
moveVector.y = verticalVelocity;

// Issue in relation with "Pour se d├ęplacer" :
controller.Move(moveVector * Time.deltaTime);
lastMove = moveVector;


private void OnControllerColliderHit(ControllerColliderHit hit){
if(!controller.isGrounded && hit.normal.y < 0.1f){

Debug.DrawRay(hit.point,hit.normal,Color.red, 1.25f);
verticalVelocity = jumpforce;
moveVector = hit.normal * speed;

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  • what are the values of the variables involved? Are they initialized?

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You said it "doesn't work", but that doesn't really tell us anything. When you want very specific help, you need to describe your issue with the same level of detail. Also, don't post code in a difficult to read fashion. Take a look at how other people are doing it first. When you make it hard for people to help you, you're unlikely to get any help.

But I just want to point out, if you are new to Unity you should not be starting with Unity version 4.0. That version is about a decade old.