Unity 4.0 Eclipse integration problem

Hi All,

It seems that Unity have improved the workflow with Eclipse in 4.0.0f7 (same results in 4.0.0bx), now all you have to do is to check Create Eclipse Project from the Build Settings dialogue and export.

That’s great as it removes the ugly process of creating lib projects and all that messy stuff. The export creates one Eclipse project that you can open in Eclipse and run without much ado.

One problem I came across is that after I export to Eclipse and work in Eclipse to add my Java code and what not, things work fine but more often than not, when I quit Unity it tends to wipe out the Eclipse project I exported earlier.

Now I think that’s a bug, Unity have remove all Eclipse integration documents from their site and we are left with a very promising but half working integration workflow.

My question is, did anyone out here come across the same behaviour? And what did you do to mitigate the problem?


It happens when you keep exporting the project to the same folder.
Try this:

-Create Eclipse project from Unity.
-Open Eclipse and make sure “copy project to workspace” is checked when you import it. (That way you wont work on the same folder).
-Delete Unity’s created project.

You can update the project by exporting again from Unity and replacing the assets and libs folder to your Eclipse’s workspace project.

I hope it helps.