Unity 4.2.2 Crash

Hello Lords and Ladys,

I have tried to run Unity 4.2.2 on my Win 8 Laptop. I´ve tried to import an blender object Data. The date was import but the Unity Crash. I restart Unity and the Data was normal inside the Assert folder. Now I want to give a new empty object the shape of the Data but I cant drag and drop.When I search for the Data, Unity always crash.

I have reinstalled and run in compatibility mode.

System: CPU:I5 GPU: Intel 4000 RAM: 8000mb OS: Win8

No… Win 8 only say “unity dosent Work any longer” (translate from german to english)…
No other error… the only Win support is to use compatibility mode… I try the install.exe on my win 7 Tower Pc and have no problems…