Unity 4.3.1 and MonoDevelop 4.0.1 debugging Freezes Unity

When ever i attach MonoDevelop to the Unity Editor and try to play the scene its freezes Unity completely. I am on Mac 10.8.5 if that helps. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?

Worked for me after enabling Development build and Script Debugging in Build Settings. Struggled with this problem for a while now.

Is there a good way to get updates on this issue from the Unity dev team? This issue is driving me crazy! I might have to install bootcamp and use the windows version :frowning:

Hi Guys

Today I can debug!
I press “attach” button than select target from list and all works.
Why it didn’t work before? 0_o

I tryed a lot of time to connect to Unity Ide and no Success
Then I tryed to connect to app that runned on the iphone and all is Ok
I updated my mac to version 10.9.1

And now i can debug app inside Unity IDE, on iPhone

But i can not understand what i do that resolve my issue.

Good luck

I can’t debug. It freezes constantly. My only workaround atm is to play the game in the editor first and then attach. If I attach and then play the game in the editor it freezes! The workaround also doesn’t work consistently… please Unity FIX !! I’m using Unity Pro 4.3.4f1

I can debug after creating new scene and attach to MainCamera my script.
Unity 4.6.1
OS X 10.9.5 (13F34)