Unity 4.3 (2D) particle system not showing

I am creating a 2D game and I set all the sprites material shader to sprites/diffuse to allow lights to affect the sprites. This works perfectly fine, however it seems setting a sprite to sprites/diffuse is affecting my particle systems and causing them to not be visible anymore.

Here is a screenshot of the game when the background image is currently set to sprites/default: alt text

And here is a screenshot of the game where the background image is set to sprites/diffuse: alt text

As you can see the particle system (spacecraft thruster) is not visible in the second screenshot where nothing has changed (the z values and sorting layers are the same), apart from changing the background image sprite to sprites/diffuse instead of sprites/default.

Does anyone know how I can keep the background as sprites/diffuse and get my particle system to be visible?

(I am using the following particle system rather than the shuriken one:

alt text)

If this helps; Drag the default sorting layer above all the others (to the bottom). This fixed it for me.

This probably has to do with the rendering queue of your shaders.

Open the shaders and look for something like:

Tags { “Queue” = “Geometry-10” }

This queue defines what gets rendered in front of what.