Unity 4.3.4f1 Standalone Crashes after 2 days


I’m not sure if its unreasonable to expect this, but we have a product in the field that is designed to stay on for a prolonged period of time ( ideally weeks ). However, after 1.8 days ( a bit shy of 2 ) the standalone build crashes with:

Runtime Error!
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

The output logs don’t seem to point in any direction, all we see sometimes is the D3D video device getting lost – but not all crashes report this happening.

The machines we’re running on are all standard and the same running Windows 8.1 with similar graphic chips ( Intel HD ), same screens, etc. It’s also not a memory leak since I’ve been running the profiler on the program and the memory stays constant (we did have memory issues in the past but they have all been resolved now).

Another strange thing is that when running in the editor it seems like I can run it for longer periods without crashing ( I’ve been running an editor instance for about a week now ).

I’m basically at my wits end as to what could cause this issue.

Update to the latest version to ensure that bugs have been fixed.

Floating point error in the time system? Any continuous running timers that work by adding Time.deltaTime every frame will stop incrementing at about this point. This could cause downstream side effects that break your game.

Unities own Time and physics system may suffer from similar issues.