Unity 4.3 particle System not visible in 2D Mode????

unity 4.3 particle system in not visible in 2D mode . there is also no soring mode for particle system like shuriken ? What can I do ? Am I missing something?

thanks for your reply.

Take a look at these:


I found a solution that worked for me. When working with sprites, I opened Sorting layers options and saw that there are 7 builtin sorting layers:

0 is default
1 is transparent FX

Particles are transparent FX. And all the sprites that you want your particles to be in front of must be at sorting layers lower than 1. Fortunately, negative values are possible so I’ve put my sprites to -1, -2 etc. It worked right away.

@sdgd thanks for your replay . I am sure that my camera is positioned properly . For now I write a script that get particles of Shuriken particle system using particleSystem.GetPartcle() then I iterate through each particle and position an spriteRenderer that was instantiated at start up of the game to that particle and it worked.

Check out this plugin. It exposes the sorting layer properties on the Shuriken particle system.

[Disclaimer - Its my own plugin but its free right now]


None of the above helped me. It is really a camera disposition, even if hard to notice.
Set your Scene-View to 3D and check the position of the camera. In 2D it is highly possible that the camera is fixed to the bottom left of your screen.

What i did: Set x and y position of camera AND particle system to 0. Then set particle z-position to 300 and camera to -50. It was visible then.

Here a good solution Particle Sorting Layer - Pastebin.com

Simply set depth layer on backgrounds object to -2 and it will work :slight_smile:

For me, it fixed by resetting transform. When I first created my particle game object, the transform values would be auto configured by unity. resetting it solved my problem.